Are you aware that even you can get affiliated on Twitch? Know all the requirements that need to be fulfilled along with the process here. 

Twitch is one of the most popular live-streaming platforms that have been in existence for a long time now. It is one of the well-known platforms among gamers. However, are you aware that you can get affiliated on Twitch? Well, to know how  to get affiliated  on twitch and the requirements that are to be fulfilled for the same, keep reading.

how to get affiliated on twitch

The post below sheds light on how you can get affiliated with Twitch and make a profit for yourself. Do you want to know how? Continue reading the post further for more details.

Requirements to be fulfilled before registration

If you are planning to become a Twitch affiliate then, you should know about a couple of things before understanding how to get affiliated on twitch. We will be discussing them all gradually. Before everything else, you should know the initial requirements that every individual has to fulfill if he/she plans to be affiliated on Twitch. 

Therefore, let us now move on to understand all the eligibility criteria to get affiliated on Twitch. However, you should as well know that these criteria change with the changes in the program. As of now, the requirements are as highlighted below.

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  • The minimum number of followers of the individual should be around 50
  • At least seven unique streaming in the previous 30 days
  • In the last 30 days, the individual must have a minimum of three concurrent viewers
  • Around five hundred minutes of broadcasts in the past thirty days

These were a few of the requirements that should be fulfilled if one desires to get affiliated on Twitch. Getting affiliated is not very difficult provided you fulfill all the criteria. Let’s head out towards the next section to get an idea regarding how to get affiliated on twitch.

How do you get affiliated on Twitch?

Well, the question that now arises is what happens when the criteria have been met and similarly when the criteria have not been met. Not beating around the bush, when you do not fulfill the criteria you will not be able to get yourself affiliated on Twitch. When an individual meets the criteria then, the individual will be able to apply for the affiliation. The process to get affiliated on Twitch has been highlighted below in a detailed manner.

Generally, when you meet up the requirements and hit the targeted number of followers, you will get an invitation from Twitch to become an affiliate on Twitch. The final call, however, will be made by Twitch only. For setting up your twitch account of yours, you will have to follow the following points.

  • You need to select in the creator dashboard the preference tab.
  • As you have selected the preference tab, you will further be required to provide the general information that is required for the registration purpose.
  • Further, your acceptance of all the terms and conditions is required to proceed.
  • You will as well have to provide all the tax-related information and then fill in your payout information. Twitch will then make your payments through the various payment mechanisms.
  • Then, you will have to wait to get your registration confirmed and approved from Twitch. Once approved, you will then be the affiliated twitch member.
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These steps have to be followed by all individuals to get affiliated with Twitch. Hopefully, by now you have understood how to get affiliated on twitch. Let us divert our whole attention towards the next equally important concern and that is how you check that your affiliation has been approved. The next section will shed some light on the same. 

How do you check if your affiliation has been accepted?

The path to becoming a Twitch affiliate may differ in the case of different streaming. However, some tips can help you fasten up the process. Now that you have applied for the affiliation you might as well want to know if the affiliation has been approved. Well, here’s a list that you should know about the same.

how to get affiliated on twitch

  • Try to broadcast as many times as you can. This will arguably help you meet the initial two requirements that twitch has set up about becoming the affiliate.
  • If you have already met the initial two requirements, you will be much closer to your goal.
  • Along with the broadcasting we would also suggest the advertisements or the promotions. These can bring in many users for your live streaming.
  • You can target people from all the social media platforms to increase your chance of becoming an affiliate.
  • Then comes the behavioral approach that you will be following. Make sure that you do not make yourself entitled and focus mostly on your audience.
  • Give all your attention to the audience and the more approachable you are the more you will be able to attract.
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These were the points that have to be noted with regards to checking whether your affiliation has been accepted.

Twitch is an incredible platform offering multiple benefits to users. It allows you to get affiliated provided you fulfill the requirements. If you do fulfill all the criteria as stated above in the post then, you will indeed get the approval. Hopefully, we were able to explain to you the entire process of getting affiliated on twitch.