They say ‘First impression makes the best impression’. Dear Twitch users, make your first impression count by adding an attractive Banner to your Twitch channel. For this, you should learn how to make a Twitch banner that is not only amazing but also unique.

Twitch wasn’t here for a very long time. The video streaming service was introduced only in 2011, about a decade ago. In a decade, the platform has seen unprecedented growth in terms of popularity and revenue. The number of users has also increased to a great extent to about 15 million active users now.

Concerning Twitch profiles that were purely created for business purposes, creating a quality Twitch banner counts as a highly contributing factor to branding. By designing a suitable banner, business profiles can attract potential viewers and attention.

When it comes to the designing of Twitch banners, you can implement all your creative ideas and thoughts into it. And, remember, not just creative, the banner has to be sensible as well!

how to make a Twitch Banner

There are numerous websites available online to help you create, design, and customize your Twitch banner. Some of these websites include:


All these websites offer an excellent platform to create and design your Twitch banner as you wish. The websites come with banner designing tools to make your Twitch banner look highly professional, creative, and attractive.

Now, let us look at some of the factors that you have to keep in mind while creating the Twitch banner for your channel.


Before you jump into how to make a Twitch banner, you should first plan your goal. The Twitch banner design should concentrate on your goal and target audience. Only then, it will qualify under successful banners. Even if you succeed in creating an aesthetically good-looking and attractive banner, if the banner didn’t meet your goals, then it might not attract viewers. Therefore, you should remember a few points before creating the Twitch banner.


The Twitch banner you create should cater to the needs of your target audience. For this, you should first identify your target audience and create a banner accordingly. If gamers and game lovers are your target audience, the banner should be able to impress them. The banner should be relevant to the mood of your channel. Along with the mood, also maintain the uniqueness of your banner.


While concentrating on the individuality of your Twitch banner, you may get excited and try out different colors and designs to keep the banner attractive. But, it is recommended to maintain consistency with your banner design to suit your genre. The graphics and color palettes you use should remain consistent over the years. The audience should be able to identify your channel using the banner.


Many add texts to the banner. These texts can be the links or names of their social media channels or info related to their channel. Sometimes, the texts can be difficult to read because of the colors and graphics you choose.

Make sure you keep appropriate background color, relevant color palettes, and graphics to keep the texts readable. The audience will not naturally spend more than 15 seconds looking at the banner. So, the texts should be able to get into their minds at the first glance.

how to make a Twitch Banner


Viewers see a lot of channels and naturally cannot remember every one of them. But, your job here is to make the viewers remember your channel. For this, you should create a unique banner with memorable elements. This will keep them hooked to your channel in the long run. The logo/graphics should be one of a kind and stand out from the rest of the channels.

If you follow all the above points, there are high chances your Twitch profile will be a hit!

You cannot know how to make a Twitch banner without knowing the banner size. The size of the Twitch banner can be 1200px x 380px. We recommend size 1920px by 480px for offline, full monitors, and HD. This will ensure the banner is visible in good quality in large screen sizes.

 The banner can be up to 10 MB in terms of size. 10 MB is quite a large size for a banner. It is recommended to keep it below 7 MB. The banner file format can be JPEG, PNG, or GIF.

Before starting the banner design, content planning is necessary. Make sure the graphics and content are relevant to each other and complement each other. You can add your name, social media profiles, channel info, channel scheduling, partnerships, and sponsors to the content.

While creating a Twitch banner ensure you design it in the right size and the images/graphics are not pixelated. If there is any blur or anything is cut off, then all your efforts would go into ruins. Over the years, you might prefer to change the content, graphics, and other elements in the banner. Make sure you follow all the above points when you revamp the banner.

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