Digital platforms use information and technologies to function, thus they are also filled with numerous features in their working style. YouTube is one of such digital platforms which works with various features to deliver video content to people, one such guide for YouTube features is- How to Timestamp on YouTube? (2022).

YouTube is one of the most popular digital platforms which has shown rapid growth in its graph and is in demand among people. It is undoubtedly a famous video platform engaging a span web audience towards its platform. YouTube presents a large span of video content in front of people, thus, offering them a convenient search on the YouTube platform, according to their relevant interest, without any process to find out the information. Also, YouTube consists of many trending niches which provide good engagement to the YouTube platform from the audience. YouTube has also offered a platform for content creators to participate in digital marketing.

How to Timestamp on YouTube? (2022)

For better performance in digital marketing, content creators put efforts to promote their YouTube channels. They try to achieve good interaction from the audience by elevating the graph of likes, comments, and views on the post on their youtube channel. 

When there is good popularity of any YouTube channel then the channel creators search for the strategies and plans to optimize the YouTube channel’s position in the field of digital marketing. 

Thus, YouTube offers many opportunities for the youtube channel content creators so, they need to manage their channel regularly, which implies, that they hold the responsibility to keep engaging their audience towards their channel by updating with the trending topics and the content in demand also, this leads to encouraging the potential of the channel by gaining more subscribers to the YouTube channel.

But sometimes, the audience searching for the information in the video, doesn’t appear to them conveniently, and they start losing interest in the content of the youtube channel but to avoid such an issue with the channel, people use Timestamp on YouTube videos.

Introduction to timestamps-

Timestamps on YouTube video refers to the process of dividing the YouTube video into sections as YouTube chapters of the video so, to provide an individual preview for each of them. When any individual watching the video clicks on the timestamp, they are directed immediately to the part of the video to which the timestamp is linked.

The objective of adding up timestamps to the YouTube videos is to allow the audience to reach conveniently the piece of the information; they are searching for, according to their relevant interest without compelling them to watch the entire video to search for the information.  

Procedure to how to timestamp YouTube videos (2022)-

  1. Begin the process to add timestamps to the YouTube videos, firstly log in to the YouTube account.
  2. Choose the video which is to be added with timestamps.
  3. Be careful, before adding timestamps; watch the whole YouTube video to know about the different sections of the video which will appear as chapters, for which the timestamps will be implemented.
  4. Proceed towards the editing section of YouTube studio, where the registration of chosen timestamps will happen.

How to Timestamp on YouTube? (2022)

Timestamps have to be written at the bottom of the video description.

  1. Enter- “TIMESTAMPS” at the bottom of the video description and below this, there will be adding up of timestamps in the list type format.
  2. Now, type the time from where the timestamp will start in the video, typing of time must be in 00:00 format.

Click space, and type the title chosen for the timestamp chapter sections.

Repeat this step for further timestamps.

  1. Once the addition of all Timestamps has been completed, click on save, and here the timestamps will automatically get linked to the time chosen for each chapter section for the YouTube video.

Here, is the process for how to timestamp on YouTube video? (2022), gets a completion thumbs up!

Therefore it is a simple method to provide the audience with the piece of information at a convenience, they are finding in the video according to the relevant interest.

Also, once the implementation of timestamps on the YouTube video is done, it takes a short time duration to update the edit made to the video. So, the timestamps added to the YouTube video do not appear instantly sometimes, it takes time to load the addition of the timestamps on the YouTube video.

Timestamps provide convenience to the audience!

Using timestamps on the YouTube video provides an easy way to search for the particular piece of information of relevant interest to the audience very conveniently. It is because adding up timestamps breaks the whole video into YouTube video chapters’ format. When the audience search for the content according to their interest then, the video search results show these YouTube video chapter segments as the Key highlights, scanning through these highlight covers people can easily get to know about the contents present in the subject of the video before they watch it. 

Also, clicking on the timestamps of the video moves the audience directly to the part of the video with which the timestamp is attached. This helps the audience to directly access the information, which they were searching for.

Therefore, it simply makes the content search on YouTube for the audience smooth and hassle-free.

The audience receives such convenient access to the content, then they prefer to look for further updates on the channel and this connects them to the channel leading to increasing the web engagement on the particular YouTube channel and captivating the interest of sponsors to offer advertising campaign to the channel

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