Discord is a widely popular app and for the most part, it is absolutely free to use. It is a place where people from different communities and spheres can come together to have fun with text messages, voice, or video calls without spending any money. But is discord free really? Or are there hidden charges that do not appear on the surface? Let’s find out! Is discord free?

Intro :

The app is free to download from Google/Apple play stores and users can sign up for accounts without any cost. But besides this, the app also has a premium service named Discord Nitro. It is a paid membership on the app which enables users to have additional benefits in the app. But there are ways in which you can get free discord nitro in 2022.

is discord free
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Discord Nitro :

If you are currently a free user of Discord but want to get your hands on the special features of the app, you need to sign up separately for Nitro. This feature enhances the qualities and benefits of the text, voice, and video calls of Discord. It provides users access to custom-made and animated emojis that they can find on any channel. Nitro subscribers can also get hold of animated avatars to claim personal number tags. Is discord free?

Discord Nitro also provides users with server boosts and discounts on extra boosts which you can use for communities of your choice. Discord allows users to upload images or videos up to 8 MB. If you’re an iPhone user, you can’t even upload specific images with Nitro. So with Nitro, you can upload videos and other files of higher resolution (up to 100 MB) and stream videos in HD quality!

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Cost of Nitro :

All these excites certainly come with a price and there are two different prices for monthly and yearly subscriptions. Nitro(server boost) can be purchased by paying 9.99 dollars per month or 99.99 dollars per year. There’s also a classic version of Nitro(limited version) which costs less than the mentioned prices; 49.99 dollars per year and 4.99 dollars per month. This feature provides more or less the same features except server boosting. Users can choose whatever they prefer and can afford.

is discord free

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Details to get free Nitro :

As mentioned previously, there are a few ways in which users can free Nitro features for a certain period of time. These are,

  • Discord Partner: Users can get a free Nitro if their servers are eligible for Discord’s partner program.
  • Events: The app organizes free events for its members quite often and users can easily get a nitro subscription just by participating in them.
  • Android or iPhone app: Users can get one month of free trial for Discord Nitro while logging into the app from their smartphones. The only two conditions are you must not have a previous nitro account and it should be your first time logging into a mobile device.
  • Promotion: Users may often come across promotional offers from various apps to give free nitro subscriptions. YouTube as well as a few more universally acknowledged apps have tried this scheme before.
  • Giveaway: Several Discord servers or communities host giveaway events for members with Nitro subscriptions as prizes. You can register for numerous giveaways and if you’re lucky, you may get the desired reward! A few other servers also give free Nitro for reaching a higher level.
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Detailed benefits of Nitro(server boost) :

  • Nitro provides servers with a badge that you can see after your name after purchasing.
  • Discord limits users from joining more than 100 servers from a single account. But with Nitro, you can join additional 100 servers which makes it a total of 200 servers! This feature is specifically exciting for gamers who tend to join as many gaming servers as they can to keep themselves updated.
  • With Nitro, users can customize their servers as per their choices. If you boost your friend’s server, you’ll get rewards and benefits too!
  • If you’re a professional streamer, you can help your audience experience clearer audio-visuals by buying Nitro instead of videos with poor resolution and bad sound quality. Is discord free?
  • Users who find emojis fun and cute can purchase nitro to use emojis like memes, cartoons, etc. It gives you the freedom to choose emojis from any servers you like and also use moving emojis!
  • In the Avatar section, you can normally choose your own picture or animated pictures of your favorite idols or cartoons. But Nitro enables you to customize them the way you like. You can also set gifs as your avatar, upload a cover picture like FB or Twitter, set different avatars for different servers, edit your profile tag, etc.

Benefits of Nitro Classic :

Nitro Classic can be called the subversion of nitro. This subscription is suitable for users who just want to have fun with the app. The benefits consist of extra community emoji slots (up to 250), customized banners, and 2000 characters per text. You can also make animated banners and will also be able to convert video clips into gifs and the file uploading limitation for this is 50 MB. The only problem is there are no server boosts in it. Is discord free?

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Conclusion :

Discord tries hard to provide its users with a smooth experience without any unnecessary advertisements. So if you like the app, would like to appreciate it, and have enough resources, you shouldn’t hesitate in buying Nitro Classic and Nitro. It would be a token of appreciation for the team and you will have tons of amazing features to choose from.