Getting verified on Facebook shows credibility and authenticity. But it might seem like a tough and long job for many. But luckily, we are here to tell you about the easiest method how to getting verified on Facebook.

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What Is Verification On Facebook?

How to get verified on Facebook

Facebook verification is the activity of having a Facebook page or account verified. This is done to showcase the credibility and authenticity of an account or page on the social media platform.

Verified accounts on Facebook have a blue tick mark after their username. This feature emerged in 2009. The main aim was to mark the genuine accounts of prominent public figures and brands.

Anyone can apply to get verified on the platform. However, many accounts are required to get verified for many different reasons. Accounts and pages that have a huge number of followers must be verified since 2018.

Many people who have huge audiences on the platform have to get their profiles under verification when they hit a certain number of followers or audience.

As a business or a famous personality, a blue tick mark beside the name or a verification helps you get a better reach and get more likes on your Facebook posts from your target audience. It also helps you to show up often in people’s searches.

How To Get Verified On Facebook?

After learning what Facebook verification is, you might be curious to know about the easiest way in which you can get verified on Facebook. That’s why we are here with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to get verified on Facebook.

Step 1

Open the Facebook app on a mobile phone (Android or iPhone) or open it on an internet browser. Log in if required.

Step 2

Facebook provides you with two options for verification. You can either choose to verify your Facebook account or your Facebook page. If you are logged into your account, the form will showcase the pages that are eligible for a verification request. If you wish to get your Facebook profile verified, you will require the profile’s URL for the process.

Step 3

If you want to get verified on Facebook, you will be required to provide some identification material. This material will be used as proof that you are what you claim to be. This little process is highly necessary to perform to make sure that no imposters or fake profiles and pages are getting verified on Facebook.

The different kinds of information that you can provide to get verified are your driver’s license, tax proof, National identity card, passport details, etc. This information will be used for verifying you on Facebook.

Step 4

The next step in the application process asks you to showcase whether or not your profile is notable for verification or not. In this step, you will have to provide information regarding different topics like the category of your profile, country, audience, and Also Known as. You can also provide links for different articles or other social media platforms that will showcase that you are notable for verification.

Step 5

Once all the above steps are done, Facebook might or might not verify you based on your application. This might take around some hours to some days at max.

Hence, this was the easiest way how to get verified on Facebook.

Tips To Increase Chances For Getting Facebook Verified

How to get verified on Facebook

1. Have Good Reach.

A higher reach or huge audience helps your account gets verified for sure. That’s why if you want to increase your chances of getting verified, you must increase your reach on Facebook. Since your Facebook reach and audience will increase through more likes on your Facebook posts, more likes are important.

2. Provide The Most Information.

The more information you provide about your brand, the merrier it gets. Ensure that you have provided every essential information in your Facebook page’s ‘About’ segment.

Speaking of more the merrier, along with more information and details about your brand and business, more Facebook likes on your posts will also help you out better as it shows that you have a large audience that will get your profile or page under verification sooner.

3. Keep The Business Details Up To Date And Accurate.

All the information and details about your business or brand must be kept up to date and accurate on Facebook. If the information is not up to date, your chances of getting verified might drop. Before getting verified, Facebook analysis and validates the details on your page. So you need to make sure that all the details are accurate so that you seem more reliable and credible.

In The Light Of This Information

Getting verified on Facebook might require a little bit of effort, but it is surely worth it. If you follow the above-mentioned ways of increasing your chances to get Facebook verified, we are sure that you will be verified in no time.

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