It is a platform that keeps us connected even if we are miles apart. If you want to start using this fabulous app you have to make an account on Instagram, if you make account on Instagram it will provide you with many features, one feature is that when u will log out, they provide you an option to remember an account on Instagram, which have Serviceh good and bad sides, if you select the option on remembering account, from next time you are not required to put your password. 

Many people don’t know how to remove a remembered account on Instagram. So don’t worry guys if you are reading the right article, you will get your solution here. Firstly I will explain to you about Instagram accounts, how the accounts are on remembered mode.

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How to remove a remembered account on Instagram

What is an Instagram account

Instagram is a free app where you can share your photos and videos with your Instagram family which is commonly known as followers. You can even come live on Instagram. You can watch other profiles but you can do this only if you have an Instagram account. You can easily make your account on Instagram, you can decorate your profile by creatively writing about yourself. Instagram is a secured app, your chats and documents are safe here. 

What is a remembered account on Instagram?

We all know that to enter an Instagram account we have to enter the password of the account which we have made for this account. In the remembered account, you don’t have to put a password. Your account will be saved on Instagram, you only have to tap it. It is just a normal Instagram account, the only difference is that we don’t put the password to log in. This will save you time. How to remove a remembered account on Instagram

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How does your account go on remembered mode?

We know that Instagram provides us with many features to make Instagram more attractive and interesting. They keep on updating new features on that, now they have developed a feature of remembered accounts. It arises when you go to log out from your account on the option will come written ‘remember account’ if you tap yes then your account will be saved in your app and you then don’t need to put password every time you just need to tap login.

When you tap the logout option, the below picture will display in your app, and by doing a tick, your account will be on remember er mode.

1 How To Remove A Remembered Account On Instagram?

 From the above pictures, it is clear how your account will go in remember mode.

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2 How To Remove A Remembered Account On Instagram?

Importance of this feature

This feature is very useful as it will save you time, you don’t need to put long -long passwords every time. This is also helpful for those who always forget their passwords. This will help them to enter the account. This feature is very useful for people who have 2-3 accounts, it helps them to switch in between accounts very easily, especially it saves a lot of time, as you don’t need to enter your account name you even don’t need to put your passwords in that, you only need to do is that “tap” the login option.

At the same time it has a drawback also that your siblings, friends can log into your account because of the feature of remembered accounts, they will not be asked to apply a password. This can lead to a leak of your chats and documents which no one wants.

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How to remove the account from remember mode 

If you want to remove your account from remembering mode, you can follow these simple ways

  • Way 1- You just have to remove the tick from your logout option. As when you log out, an option comes written: “save my login info “. You have to remove the tick from that and your remember mode will be removed. This is the one way you can follow.
  • Way 2 – When you touch the three dots placed on the right side, an option will come to remove the account. You have to choose to remove the account and your account will be removed from remembering mode. 


In simplified words, we can sum this up as if you want to remove your remembered account for any of your reasons you can do it 2 ways First, whenever you log out, remove the tick from the box which arrives with “remember my login info ” written on it. Second, when you touch the three dots placed on the right, a box will arrive with options written to remove the account and cancel. You have to tap on remove the account and it will be removed.

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