Companies prefer niche influencers to social media stars. This is due to several reasons. In addition to the more precise target group definition and the greater reliability that niche influencers are said to have, this is of course also due to the more manageable price.

In any case, it is certain that influencer marketing has become a fixed component in the marketing mix of companies. If you would like to try your luck now, there are different niches concerning the topics and of course different forms of influencer marketing, depending on the chosen channels. Besides explanatory videos, reviews, cosplay, fashion and beauty, technology and gaming, music is a popular area, especially singing.

Here you can find out more about this topic!

Companies prefer niche influencers

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Currently, 26 percent of companies spend between 10,000 and 50,000 euros per year on instagramer such as Bibi, Caro Daur or Lisa and Lena. 28 percent plan to spend less than 10,000 euros per year on influencer marketing and 19 percent spend between 50,000 and 100,000 euros per year. Only six percent plan to spend more than 100,000 euros and another six percent more than 250,000 euros. This means that micro and mid-level influencers are clearly at the top of the companies’ favour, while macro or even mega-influencers have a much smaller share of the market.

This is not only because of the price, but also because most companies offer very special products and services and want to address a specific target group accordingly. This is what niche influencers can offer, whereas influencers with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers are rather unspecific.

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Thus, when choosing influencers, the match with the target group is much more important than the reach.

So if you would like to be an influencer, the right strategy is to find a good niche. You like to sing and you sing well? Why not earn money with your hobby and make singing the topic of your social media efforts?

So you become an influencer

What TV and film stars used to be when it came to recommending products, spreading hairstyles, fashion and cosmetic trends and putting companies and brands in the spotlight, are now the influencers. The special thing about the modern opinion maker is that in most cases it is quite normal people from our midst who have made a name for themselves via generally accessible social networks. In principle, every seeker of success is someone who has a certain charisma, knows a lot about a certain area and who enjoys marketing himself somehow. Logically, the whole thing is above all something for extroverted trendsetters.

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However, the term “influencer” doesn’t only describe the social role of an “influencer” and “opinion maker” anymore, but also a profession with which you can earn good money.

However, if you want to earn money, you have to act accordingly professional. This includes careful planning of activities and posts, good photos or videos, a lot of creativity and consistency in terms of work, posting and of course maintaining contact with companies and clients.

Agencies like are a great help in this respect, as they quickly put you in contact with companies and other influencers, with whom you may even be able to work together from time to time. Here you can also get interesting information and valuable tutorials that will help you with your project.

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In general, there is no uniform recipe and a lot depends on personal intuition in the influencer business. Some people simply have a knack for the profession and attract followers like magic. In addition, the principle of being in the right place at the right time applies here more than anywhere else. The number of followers, likes and repost often depends on dynamics that are difficult to predict.

Once you’ve reached the top, you have to keep working, produce great content, have creative ideas, comment on others, give away likes etc. In short, it’s all about being present at all times. Accordingly, an influencer does not rest late in the evening or on weekends. But since you earn money with hobby and passion, a real influencer doesn’t mind.

Identify your own strengths and interests

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Credibility is one of the most important virtues of influencers. So choose something that you really enjoy and that you are really good at. This is, as already mentioned, about singing.

When singing, it is usually important that you have a good voice, but also that you are stylish and have good dance moves in stock. As already mentioned, being an influencer also includes a great tendency to show yourself, which is why an extravagant outfit and appearance are usually no problem. So develop your own style, which appeals to your desired target group. Whether K-Pop, Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, etc. stay true to your own taste and create a suitable image with which you feel comfortable.

For the recordings you should of course already have good equipment, i.e. camera with tripod, a good microphone and lamps for illumination.

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Example: Epic Rap Battles (14.2 Followers)

What began as a game between two friends has become one of the most successful series on the YouTube platform. These two youtubers select different characters from the story and put together a kind of rap battle with what they would say if they lived in each other’s time.

Option Lip Sync

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Lip Sync stands for Lip Synchronization and refers to the imitation of the singer by lip movement. This can also be found in influencers. It’s a good option to record great music videos and put yourself in the limelight without really being able to sing yourself.

No matter what you decide to do, music and singing always goes down well and is a great option to make a name for yourself as an influencer!