Making a living from YouTube and its livestream revenue while doing what you love to do? This is exactly what "Nico Slowmoo" managed to do, and in his videos and streams he focuses on one thing in particular, the topic of shisha.

Nico Slowmoo Nico Slowmoo

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Shisha smoking is his passion

Shisha smoking is his passion

In all of Germany it came in the past years to the fact that suddenly a hype was released around the topic Shisha. Everywhere Shishabars and Shishafachahandel shot out of the ground and could grow very fast. To this day, this topic continues, of which not only the entrepreneurs but also the Youtuber and Influencer, who explicitly deal with this topic. The YouTuber and streamer “NicoSlowmoo” also managed to increase his fame by quite a bit and is now one of the most famous in his scene.

Generally speaking, the channel “NicoSlowmoo” is a German speaking Shisha YouTuber and Livestreamer. However, contrary to popular belief, its origins are not on the web video platform YouTube. Long before his YouTube career, “NicoSlowmo”, who’s real name is Nico but his real last name is unknown, started on the livestreaming platform YouNow. Although the now 27-year-old, who was born on July 20, 1993, founded his YouTube channel back on September 12, 2011, he didn’t publish any videos on it for a few more years. He began posting regular livestreams on the then burgeoning platform YouNow under the title “chat and smoke.” Because of his manner and appearance, he managed to make a name for himself there relatively quickly. He promised viewers of his livestreams that if he had 10,000 followers on that platform, he would start posting videos on YouTube.

However, since this took some time, he didn’t release his first video on his YouTube channel until June 13, 2015. This video was titled: “SO MACHE ICH MEINE SHISHA SAUBER + FERTIG! NicoSlowmoo” and represented early a video from the genre Shisha.

Because of his community, which he already built on the platform YouNow during his livestreams, he did not start from scratch with his career on YouTube.

However, it should also be noted that he stands out from his peers in the industry in that he doesn’t exclusively post videos and livestreams in the shisha genre on his channel. Besides these videos, which take up the majority of his channel, he also posts a few vlogs on his channel. Furthermore, it is important to mention that he worked in a shisha shop for some time during his studies, and thus brings quite a bit of expertise in this area to his videos.

If you take a look at the channel “NicoSlowmoo” today, you will notice that the videos take up the smallest part of it. Most of the time the latter now invests in YouTube is reflected in the daily, mostly evening livestreams. However, he can afford to live off the income from his channel and livestreams for about a year now. Furthermore, he has now acquired well over 135,000 subscribers, who follow his daily content with excitement and joy.



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