We can hardly find anyone who is not familiar with Facebook. Millions of users from across the globe use this platform to communicate with different people across the network. Most of you reading this might want to know how to change your Facebook name. So, here is a peek into changing your Facebook page name, profile name, and more.

Changing names on Facebook 

Well, each of us has different reasons to change the names of Facebook profiles. Some might be wanting to change their business name, and some may have genuine personal reasons. Irrespective of the cause, each of you reading this is looking for how to change your Facebook name, right? Let’s see how!

Generally, Facebook Inc provides three possibilities here. They are:

  • Changing your profile name
  • Changing your page’s name
  • Changing the username of your page or profile

Facebook has certain standards for each of these modifications. Before beginning to change, ensure that the new name matches these requirements and proceed with the process.

Changing the profile name

Let’s first understand how to change the Facebook name for your profile. In, the following are the steps to change your Facebook profile name. As mentioned above, you need to check with the ‘Profile Name Standards’ set by Facebook before the modifications.

Profile name on Facebook is generally the one you’ll find on your identification cards. Naturally, several people would have the same name, making it difficult to find a unique name. Once you find such a profile name for your Facebook handle, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Facebook homepage and log in to your profile if needed.
  • Head to the top-right corner and tap the Settings menu on the window.
  • You’ll find different options here related to your Facebook profile. Tap the name option.
  • Enter the new name in the dialog box and press the Review Change option.
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Facebook asks for your account’s password for security reasons before completing the process. So, you need to re-enter your password when asked.

  • Type your password and press the Save Changes option to change your profile name.

You can only change your Facebook page name once in 60 days. So, ensure that you typed everything correctly and make the right choice before making the name change.

Changing the page name 

Changing the page name on Facebook needs a little effort from you. Usually, the page’s name reflects the content posted on it or its purpose. So, choosing a random name might deprive your page’s reach. As mentioned above, you need to abide by certain standards for choosing the name. Verify the Page Name Standards and continue to the steps.

Remember that you need to be one of the or only admin of the page to make this change. If you are, you can proceed this way to change the page’s name:

  • Go to Facebook’s homepage and log in with your page’s credentials.
  • You’ll find different options on the left section of your page. Navigate there and tap on the About section.
  • Press General and Name –>Edit.
  • Type the chosen name and tap the Continue button.
  • Verify the name and press the Request Change option.

It might take 2-3 days for the changes to appear after you initiate this process. In some cases, Facebook Inc can ask for additional information to process your request. You cannot unpublish your page or change its name for seven days after changing its name.

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In case the edit option is unavailable, you might not have a Page Role, you’re not the admin, or your co-admin might have changed the name recently. Facebook sometimes notifies your page’s viewers about the name change.

Changing the username 

Changing the Facebook username might seem a little tricky, for you’ll need a unique username. So, try keeping 2-3 names handy, especially for a page’s username. You’ll have to verify the Username Guidelines before initiating the process, as mentioned above. Also, you can change the username of your profile and page too. Let’s understand Serviceh.

For the profiles 

The following steps can help change your Facebook profile’s username easily. Have a look:

  • Head to the Facebook homepage and log in with your user credentials.
  • Navigate to the top-right corner and tap the drop-down menu.
  • Press the settings option and choose a username.
  • Type the changes and enter your password to change the username for your Facebook profile.

For the page 

As mentioned above, you can change the username for your Facebook page too. However, you need to be the only one of the admins to do so. If you are, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Facebook homepage and log in with your page’s credentials.
  • Navigate to the About section as mentioned above, and select the general and username options.
  • Here, you can either select the Page @ Username or the Edit option.
  • Type the new username and follow the instructions promptly to make the changes.

Changing the username is a little difficult. The name has to be unique and should match the guidelines. The new names aren’t usually approved because someone else might have taken them. So, try picking unique and intriguing names within the standards to change the names.

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Auf diese Weise kannst du leicht deinen Facebook-Namen ändern auf verschiedene Arten. Wie bereits erwähnt, solltest du mehrere Optionen bereithalten, damit dir beim Ändern der Namen nicht die Möglichkeiten ausgehen.