Twitter is a digital platform where people connect through tweets. However, Twitter also sets some limitations on the use of characters in the tweets. There are 280 characters in a tweet that are allowed, and in such a scenario to deliver detailed information there was the use of Twitter cards, now let’s know, what are Twitter cards?

What Are Twitter Cards? (How to Create Them)

What are Twitter Cards?

Twitter cards are a twitter tool or feature, using which you can attach photos, videos, and media experiences to Tweets, it is adding a few mark-up lines to the webpage by a Twitter profile, and then the users who tweet links to content related to that profile content will have a “card” added to the tweet that would be visible to the user’s followers.

How do Twitter cards benefit?

It helps to drive traffic to the website linked by the profile which implies it helps to build even, more audience with relevant interest for the website. Also, it helps to provide more space to enhance web engagement to the Twitter profile that is, it provides the option to represent tweets beyond the restrictive character limit of Twitter. It also provided graphic content like videos, photos, etc., to the Twitter feed. Thus, it helps the Twitter profile to reach more people on Twitter by making new connections with the audience through encouraging conversations with people and helps in joining more Twitter followers for the profile.

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Designing these Twitter cards for the Twitter profile provides a benefit in that is it enhances the web engagement graph for the profile and thus, it helps to develop the performance of the Twitter profile on the digital marketing platform. Hence, to design Twitter cards, the profile users have to present different ideas that can also be possible through taking advice on digital marketing strategies and putting efforts into the profile through social media management plans.

Tips to update the Twitter cards:

  • Keep Tweet posts brief: When the Twitter cards are used in the tweets, then there is no purpose to extend the tweet text to the full 280 characters limit. Twitter cards use pictures and videos, so they don’t require detailed explanations through texts thus, keep the tweet posts brief.

The most impressive feature of Twitter cards is that they are of appealing nature that convinces the followers to provide engagement to the profile.

  • Make the use of eye-catching pictures or graphics: It is observed that tweets that include graphics or pictures are capable of seeking the attention of the audience, thus, making use of eye-catching pictures on Twitter cards such that it can captivate the interest of the audience towards it and hence, it ensures the most web engagement on the profile.
  • Use unique content on the Twitter cards: This is the most important responsibility that is, to capture the audience’s attention towards the profile and this is possible if people see something of a new format or different, obviously in the urge to know details, they require to click and this increases the post engagement rate on the profile.
  • Include Hashtags on Twitter cards: Using hashtags is famous content on Twitter. Hashtags also constitute to be playing a major role in running trends on Twitter. Applying hashtags on the Twitter cards as it helps the audience to find posts relevant to hashtags which can also increase web engagement on the Twitter cards with hashtags. Including hashtags in the Twitter, cards can also help to bring the content on the Twitter cards into trend run.
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What Are Twitter Cards? (How to Create Them)

Different types of Twitter cards:

  1. Summary Card: It is a type of Twitter card which includes a title, description, image, and URL. It informs about the preview of the content posted on the tweet before the user applies to click on the link through to the website attached to it.
  2. Summary Card with large image: It is an as similar type of Twitter card to the previous one, that is, a summary card but only the difference is that the size of the image or picture attached to the Twitter card is large, which implies this Twitter card shares a better image experience to the audience.
  3. Player Card: This twitter card type is intended to share video and audio content through tweets among the audience. The format of the player card requires some extra Meta tag-lines content source and if applicable, video width and height.
  4. App card: By name, this Twitter card suggests that it revolves around application access. This card is used to show the application and relevant links attached to it, to download the application through it. It is very useful in getting install engagements from the audience to the application. The format also requires the addition of a few extra meta-tags related to the application included in the Twitter card.

Now, this is all about what are Twitter cards? Let’s find a procedure for how to create one. It is a very simple method to implement Twitter cards for example to create a player Twitter card, here it is-

  1. Choose a card type that has to be created to implement.
  2. Now, move towards the addition of correct meta-tags to the page.
  3. The next task is to run the URL through the validator tool to test.
  4. After the testing task gets done in the validator or approval of the applied player card, now tweet the URL and observe the change that the card appears below the tweet in the details view.

Therefore, above mentioned in simple four steps the Twitter card has been created. Hence, the Twitter card is a very useful feature that helps to drive traffic to the profiles and the responsibility is to put efforts into planning the posts on Twitter profile according to digital marketing strategies to attain high engagement from the audience.