Twitter is a social networking application that was founded on the 21st of March 2006 in San Francisco, California. This exceptional platform was founded by Noah Glass, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Jack Dorsey. If you are new to Twitter then, you might want to know whom you should follow on the platform.


Well, the post will be explaining your query about who should I follow on Twitter in detail. But, the important question that arises is why you should even follow other people on Twitter. Let us understand this before proceeding further.

who should I follow on Twitter

Following people on Twitter will help you get an update when someone posts on their timeline. Any user you follow on Twitter will be able to share direct messages to you in your inbox. Aside from this, it will also help you expand your reach to a wider range of populations. Now that you are aware of the basics of following people on Twitter, let us understand other minor details.

How do you find people to follow?

Before proceeding further to answer your query about who should I follow on Twitter we would suggest you understand how you find people to follow them. This is a very critical question but the answer to this is quite simple. To find people on Twitter you can follow the simple steps as mention below.

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  • Open your Twitter account by typing in your credentials. You can either open it on your mobile phone or your computer system at your convenience and preference.
  • Once it has been opened up, you need to tap on the search bar that is towards the top right-hand side corner of your screen.
  • After this, you would be required to type in the name of the person that you would want to follow which can be your friend, family member, or another charismatic leader.
  • Open the profile of the person you would want to follow and tap on the following option that is available in their profile.
  • Sometimes you also get people in your suggestion list wherefrom you can start following them directly. Hence, you will not have to always search with your name through the search bar.

A few of these steps need to be followed when one wishes to find people to follow on Twitter. Let’s move further to answer your query about who should I follow on Twitter. The next section will be taking you through all the details you are required to know in this regard.

Whom should you follow on Twitter?

The next big question that arises is who all should you follow especially if you are new on Twitter. There is no specific guideline in regards to the people you should follow on Twitter. However, to help you out in this arena, we will be helping you with the basic information regarding the same.

  • In the beginning, if you are a fresher and confused about the people you should be following then, the best idea would be to follow those users whom you already know.
  • After this, the next way of finding the right people on Twitter would be to follow those who match your interest level.
  • The followers you choose have a profound impact on the type of feed you will be getting hence; it is advisable to follow those who post content of your interest level.
  • You can as well follow the charismatic leaders or other individuals you aspire to become.
  • Your feed will have the content of the people you follow and hands try to follow those Twitter handlers who would what to get connected.

A basic in regards to your query about who should I follow on Twitter has been provided. Hopefully, you have understood who all you need to follow on the platform is and how it can be beneficial. Let’s now move towards the next section and understand how many people one can follow on Twitter.

How many people should you follow on Twitter?

As you are already aware of the process to find out people to follow on Twitter along with the types of people you should be following, there might be something else that you should know about. This begs an important question, how many people should you follow on Twitter.

who should I follow on Twitter

Twitter has some limitations in regards to the number of people you can follow on a list as well as on an everyday basis. In this regard, the number of people one can follow on an everyday basis is 400. , this limit gets extended to 1000 Twitter accounts when the people you are following have verified accounts. The limitation in regards to the number of people on a list is around 5000.

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Twitter is a social networking site that allows people to debate and discuss trending topics. It is a platform where people can put forth their opinion as well as discuss various serious issues. Twitter is an excellent platform that is used by all businessmen, as well as other individuals to be connected with the people and be aware of all the trending topics. You can buy Twitter followers to make your profile acknowledged.

We hope we were able to explain to you the basics of Twitter when it comes to following people. Make sure to go through the post once again to be thorough with the details.


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